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Wynns / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

In 1939, Chestien Wynn, a 70-year-old retired lawyer interested in lubricating chemistry, discovered a formula called Wynn’s Friction Proofing Oil. This liquid, which has a therapeutic effect on the metal, actually changed the chemistry of the metal. This discovery, which is softer and increases its resistance to abrasion and wear, actually laid the foundation of the company.

Chestien Wynn initially labeled the invention in a non-professional way at home, bottled it and sold it to local service stations, as well as garages. So motorists who used the products once said that they wanted the same product again.

Finally, on May 28, 1947, the company was formally and fully organized under the name Wynn Oil Company at 1222 Duarte Road, San Gabriel, California. As a small enterprise with an average production capacity of 40 products per day, Wynn already sponsored even one of the racing cars.

Demonstrating his discovery to the world with a Luscombe Silvaire oil-free flight test, Wynn achieved a record-breaking seven-minute oil-free flight. (Wynn’s Friction Proofing was applied to the surface of the engine and moving metal parts as a whole)

Again, a year-long Twin Car tests were conducted to demonstrate that the products reduced wear and fuel consumption over a 100,000-mile trial period. Independent consultants confirmed the accuracy of the test, which showed that Wynn’s Friction Proofing products were responsible for 10.1% better gas and 44.7% less bearing damage and 21.6% less starting friction. In 1972, Wynn’s products were used by NASA on lunar missions to protect critical equipment from extreme heat and cold.

In 1995, Wynn Belgium received ISO 9001 certification. As a result, the company, which also has a certificate of compliance with quality system standards, has a portfolio recommended by all car manufacturers in Europe, America and Asia. Active Group is the official distributor of Wynn in Azerbaijan, which has always been among the leaders.