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RaPro / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

Although established in 2003, the production capacity of Rapro is the first rubber auto parts manufacturer and exporter in Turkey. Based on Gian Giacomo’s 50 years of experience. RAPRO began operations with the production of a rubber hose manufacturing plant in Turkey. In line with the rapidly growing modes of transport and the demand for quality rubber parts, RAPRO has also added rubber metal parts, bellows, spacers and hoods to its range of rubber products. OE manufacturer Rapro has been recognized as a leading rubber component manufacturer and supplier in the global market since its inception. RAPRO is distinguished as a supplier of products of many well-known companies due to its high quality and privatized services. The company, which moved the Distribution Center to Turgutlu Industrial Center in 2016, has increased its production area to 17,000 m3.

RAPRO’s goal is to provide solutions for the global market by addressing a wide audience by offering a wide range of products at the right time, place and at the right price. With the support of experts who are constantly researching the ever-changing needs of consumers and developing solutions to meet the expectations of their customers, RAPRO always focuses on product diversity, quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

Active Group is the official distributor of Rapro in Azerbaijan, which is one of the leading manufacturers in terms of quality and originality.