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Brembo / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

On January 11, 1961, Emilio Bombassei and Italo Breda founded Officine Meccaniche di Sombreno, the real father of today’s Brembo. This was just the beginning of a half-century adventure that made Brembo one of the leaders in the brake system market. Brembo began producing brake discs for cars in 1964 and brake systems for motorcycles in 1972, and in 1975 introduced Formula 1 by providing brake systems for Ferrari GP cars. Over the years, Brembo has become one of the most prestigious brands in the world with its constant research on technological innovations, quality materials and production processes.

In 1995, Brembo was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and presented its growth strategy. Over time, the company will have production facilities and factories in many parts of the world, a steady increase in revenue and a steady increase in the number of employees.

In 2000, Brembo opened the new millennium with a strategy to expand the market by acquiring Brazilian company Alfa Real Minas to develop automotive brake discs and assemble engines. Although Brembo also acquired British AP Racing Limited, which specializes in brake systems for racing cars, motorcycles and high-performance sports cars, it also bought 70 percent of Marchesini, a company specializing in the production of magnesium tires for racing motorcycles, to strengthen its presence in the motorcycle segment. added strength to his strength.

Since 2008, Brembo has a 70% stake in NYABS. The operation strengthened Brembo Group’s presence in China and contributed to the creation of an integrated production center, complete with a foundry and processing plant for brake pads and brake discs for automobiles and commercial vehicles. The company is now able to offer the Chinese market brake systems that meet Brembo’s performance, style and comfort standards.

In order to double the production of brake discs, the Polish industrial center, which opened in October 2011, underwent construction in 2010 to expand the automotive and commercial vehicle markets.

Brembo’s operations in Eastern Europe were further strengthened in 2010 by investing more than € 35 million in a new car brake system plant in the Czech Republic.

The move brought the company to the middle premium segment for the first time, working with customers such as Land Rover, BMW, GM and Audi.

Extensive experience in braking systems since 2010 and collaboration with major automakers have allowed Brembo to offer a complete component package for brake systems with maximum performance and reliability. In Azerbaijan the official distributor of the Brembo is Active Group.