Active Group is one of the biggest distributors in Azerbaijan of the world’s leading brands in the field of automotive spare parts, engine oils, batteries, test and diagnostic equipment, as well as additives


DR!VE+ / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

NEXUS is the largest market shareholder in the global automotive and truck parts market, providing innovative, global services. With a bold approach based on entrepreneurship, society and innovation, NEXUS Automotive International is the world’s largest automotive parts market leader, from the United States to Latin America, Europe to the Middle East, Africa to Asia and the Pacific.

The ever-growing NEXUS Automotive International has a structure of 84 original spare parts (OE) manufacturers and 182 distributors. With members and manufacturer brands all over the world, NEXUS Automotive International always provides great support to every member of this great family.

As a mission, NEXUS Automotive International is a growth accelerator by giving its members courage and, most importantly, support. NEXUS always offers new approaches and new ideas to ensure the success of its members and suppliers with its unique business model.

Bosch, Brembo, ZF, Mahle, KYB, Valeo, NGK-NTK, Total, Schaeffler, Delphi, Denso, Elring, KSTools, Dayco, Nissens, LPR, FAE, Japko, SKF and others. The NEXUS Automotive International family, which is a member of a number of leading brands such as

Active Group, a major player in the ever-growing and fast-growing Azerbaijani market, has been an official member of the largest and most prestigious group in the global auto parts market since 2014, with 1,714 branches in 84 countries, 84 brands and 182 members.

DRIVE + is a brand of high quality car spare parts and engine oils. Drive +, which offers excellent quality at an ideal price, is a special brand of Nexus International (Private Label). Nexus International has entered into agreements with quality manufacturers to offer frequently used parts such as brake pads, brake discs, air, oil, passenger compartment and fuel filters. As a result, DR! VE + brand products, formed on the basis of reasonable price and parallel approach to ideal quality, were launched on the market. Active Group, the official distributor of Nexus International in Azerbaijan, is also the official distributor of the DR! VE + brand, a manufacturer of brake pads, brake discs, antifreeze and engine oils.