Active Group is one of the biggest distributors in Azerbaijan of the world’s leading brands in the field of automotive spare parts, engine oils, batteries, test and diagnostic equipment, as well as additives


Denso / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

DENSO Corporation is a global automotive parts manufacturer based in Japan. After leaving Toyota Motors in 1949, Nippon Denso Co. Ltd. Despite being part of the Toyota Group, in 2016 Denso was already the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of auto parts.

As of 2016, Denso Corporation had 189 participants (63 in Japan, 34 in the United States, 34 in Europe and 58 in Asia / Oceania). Denso, which has expanded its global manufacturing structure by building production facilities in India, Mexico and Indonesia to meet global demand for its products, ranked 242nd in the Fortune Global Top 500 list in 2013 with $ 43.1 billion in total revenue and turnover. was listed.

Denso, which manufactures a variety of automotive parts, including gasoline and diesel engine parts, hybrid vehicle components, climate control systems, technical tool kits, airbag systems, pre-crash radar systems and spark plugs, distributes global sales as follows:

Thermal Systems% 30.4

Electricity management systems 35.0%

Electronic Systems% 15.3

Electrical Systems 9.4%

Electric motors 7.0%

Other automotive products 1.4%

Industrial systems, consumer products 1.1%

Other Non-Automotive Products 0.4%

In June 2020, Denso announced the opening of the Electrification Innovation Center at its plant in Aiji, Anjo, Japan. The company will support the development of products and technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Active Group is the official distributor of Denso in Azerbaijan, an official supplier of leading car brands such as Acura, Honda, Lexus, Toyota and Subaru. Active Group, which brings together the products of leading brands in the global auto parts market with Azerbaijani consumers, continues to advance and develop its long-standing partnership with Denso, which occupies an important place among the leaders with its superior quality and originality