Active Group is one of the biggest distributors in Azerbaijan of the world’s leading brands in the field of automotive spare parts, engine oils, batteries, test and diagnostic equipment, as well as additives


Delphi / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

Delphi Technologies PLC operates in the United Kingdom, designing and manufacturing vehicle propulsion systems. The company supplies its products to genuine equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company’s portfolio includes gas and diesel fuel injection systems (FIS), actuators, sensors, electronic control modules and power electronics technologies. The company operates in two divisions: Powertrain Systems and Delphi Technologies Aftermarket. The Powertrain Systems segment provides other power transmission products, including fuel supply modules, ignition coils, drums, sensors, valves and actuators. Delphi Technologies Aftermarket is engaged in the production of after-sales products and auto parts. Delphi is one of the world’s leaders in offering a range of after-sales products and services, including fuel injection, electronics and engine management, maintenance and testing equipment, and vehicle diagnostics.

Delphi is an example of reliability and quality, a supplier of spare parts developed by OE engineering and tested for long-distance performance.

Active Group is the official distributor of Delphi Technologies PLC in Azerbaijan. The fact that Active Group, the original supplier of products to the Azerbaijani auto parts market, has always had positive feedback from customers during its long-term cooperation with Delphi shows that the brand’s products have been approved by the Azerbaijani buyer