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10 recommendations for inspecting your car before holiday

After a hard day’s work and a school pace, it’s time for a vacation and a good rest.

And you rightly want a good holiday.

Let’s not forget that the holiday starts at the moment you plan and when you start the journey, you have already started the holiday! Therefore, if you plan to go on vacation by car, you should not forget that the necessary preparations can determine the quality of your vacation. So let us help you … We have listed the things you need to explore before you go on vacation with your car for safe travel for sizing.

  1. Shock Absorbers, Wheels and Brake System

All three parts are important to ensure the safety of the car. For this reason, if you want to go on vacation in your car, you should not go without checking these parts in a quality and professional service.

  1. Battery

Checking that the battery is of the desired quality and, most importantly, its durability before going on a long trip, will prevent unpleasant surprises when traveling by car.

  1. Traffic lights, lighting system

If your headlights are a problem, you are on a dangerous journey. For this reason, you should also check your car’s headlights before setting off. If necessary, you should also clean the flashlight lenses.

  1. Maintenance rules

It is very important to pay attention to certain points, such as checking the level of engine oil, radiator and antifreeze, or the water level of the glass. You should not neglect to follow these and similar care rules before embarking on a long journey.

  1. Ventilation system

Whether you go on vacation with your car in summer or winter, you will need a comfortable trip with your car’s ventilation system. For this reason, you should definitely check your air conditioner before long trips.

  1. Tools and equipment that may always be needed in the car

A set of tools, a first aid kit and a spare tire … It is important to have tools and equipment in your car that can ensure your safety in an emergency or help you in a difficult situation.

  1. Extra space for luggage

Vacation bags exceed the volume of the car’s luggage; You can use an additional luggage set, box or roof rails installed on the roof. To do this, it is useful to determine in advance what you will take with you and make adjustments accordingly.

  1. Basic documents

Your driver’s license, vehicle inspection certificate, license … Of course, you must take these documents with you every time you leave. In addition, if it is time to inspect the vehicle, we do not recommend that you take short trips without having your vehicle inspected.

  1. Recommended documents

Today, you do not have to carry a document stating that you have Compulsory Insurance in your car. However, you can still take this document with you to facilitate the work of traffic police officers. If you are going abroad, don’t forget to take your “Green Card Insurance” document with you.

  1. Car cleaning

Exterior cleaning to prepare the car for the holiday, especially the cleaning of windshield wipers, windows and headlights, helps to improve vision. Cleaning the interior of your car is, of course, a prerequisite for a comfortable trip!

By applying all these nuances, you can go on a pleasant, comfortable and beautiful holiday trip.

As an Active Group family, we wish each of you a pleasant stay!