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10 recommendations for winter driving

It is always important to follow the rules of the road while driving and be careful about the dangers you may encounter, but in difficult weather conditions this is even more important and you need to be more careful! What are some tips for driving in winter when the weather is harsh, such as snow, ice and rain? Here are 10 things to look for when driving in the winter.

  1. Preparation for winter

Engine, tires, windshield wipers … Many parts of your car are important for safe driving. So, is your vehicle ready for winter? You need to check your car to answer this question! You can read our Winter Care Guide article for your car and get to the points you need to pay attention to in detail for a safe ride.

  1. Do not neglect the issue of ideal heating

The comfort of the interior of the drivers is very important for safe driving. For this reason, the interior of your car should not be too hot or cold. You also need to make sure that your seat is comfortable. If you need, you can use auxiliary products such as a pillow.

  1. Pay attention to the operation of the lighting

In winter, sunlight decreases and foggy weather becomes normal. All these factors can adversely affect the appearance of the road. Always keep your headlights on and pay attention to proper lighting to ensure that drivers in other cars can see you and you can see the road clearly.

  1. Check your front and rear windows

It is very important that you repair or replace the glass in case of any damage or cracks to prevent the glass from breaking due to extreme cold.

  1. Make sure your first aid kit is complete

Of course, a first aid kit is always important. However, you should take into account that there may be an increase in the accident rate due to weather conditions during the winter months, and you should eliminate the shortcomings in your first aid kit.

  1. Use alternative routes

Among the driving tricks in the winter is to monitor the road condition and set a route as an alternative to your preferred route. When the road is closed due to an accident or weather conditions, you can choose an alternative route and provide more comfortable traffic.

  1. Inspection and car insurance

In winter, car insurance is one of the most popular services. Regularly renew your compulsory insurance, make sure that it does not expire, so that you never suffer both moral and material damage during accidents.

  1. Don’t fall victim to speed

Winter-specific meteorological events; Avoiding ice, wind, snow and rain, driving slowly and avoiding harsh steering reactions are the most important points for your safety.

  1. Choose larger gears

In snowy and icy conditions, tires sometimes can’t help you, no matter how good and good they are, and slips can occur. To prevent this, always carry a large chain or thick rope in your car.

  1. Avoid using the brakes too much

The car’s instantaneous maneuverability on ice, snow, rain or windy roads is naturally reduced. Your braking limit also falls in parallel to these processes. In this situation, the most convenient and recommended way to slow down and stop is to slow down and slow down until you stop.