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Fuel Consumption Can Be Controlled And Regulated: How Is Fuel Consumption Calculated?

Yeah that is true, your car often adds practicality to your life. But the fact is that when you own a car, you have to spend an extra budget. You no longer have to worry about regular maintenance of your vehicle and expenses such as taxes. Buying fuel for your car is the most costly process. In particular, the rise in fuel prices may make you think you need to take a step in this direction. So let us help you in this matter and start explaining how to calculate the fuel of the car, what is the formula for calculating the fuel in the correct planning of the budget you will allocate for your car!

How to calculate fuel consumption per kilometer?

It’s actually pretty easy to learn the details of how much fuel your car burns, how many miles you can drive with the fuel you buy! You can access the information required for the calculation during the refueling process. Steps you need to follow to calculate automatic fuel:

Fill your tank completely when you run out of fuel. Pay attention to the cost you pay to fill your tank. This information is very important in the calculation. You do not need to specify how many liters of fuel you buy.

Before moving your car, reset the adjustable meter of your car or record the distance of the car.

When your tank is empty, divide the price you paid for fuel by the number of kilometers you covered after receiving the fuel. (If you have not reset your mileage, you must subtract the mileage you have covered from the mileage you have covered when you run out of fuel.) The result of this calculation will show you the fuel you have consumed per kilometer.

It should also be noted that if you want, you can calculate fuel consumption in a practical way thanks to mobile applications and calculation tools on websites.

Fuel Calculation Formula

Fuel Calculation varies by fuel type?

At this point, “Is the formula for calculating diesel, LPG, gasoline different?” the question may come to mind. No, there is no need for a separate formula for different types of fuel. You can use our formula for any type of fuel. But, of course, we can note that fuel consumption can vary in price depending on both the characteristics of the car and the type of fuel.


What are the factors that affect the fuel consumption of vehicles?

So is it possible to reduce the fuel consumption of your car and reduce the fuel budget? Of course it is possible! Now let’s briefly list the factors that affect the fuel consumption of your car.

You need to make sure that the tire pressure is not low and at an optimal level. In addition, the use of seasonal tires is very important. For example, with winter tires that you use in the summer, your car can increase fuel consumption because it puts more effort.

Pay attention to the daily control of your car. In this way, you can fix the problems that cause excessive fuel consumption in your vehicle, but also ensure your safety.

You need to make sure that you travel at a constant speed, do not brake suddenly, stop and do not leave your car idle.

Excess weight in your car also has a negative effect on fuel consumption. For this reason, you should make sure that you do not carry anything you don’t need in your car unless you need it.

One of the important points is to prefer air conditioning instead of opening the windows of the vehicle when driving at high speed.

If you pay attention to all these factors, you will get rid of additional costs and extra fuel consumption, and you will enjoy more time and driving in your car.