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NRF / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

In 1927, R. Bloxma founded the Nederlandse Radiateuren Fabriek (Dutch Radiator Factory, NRF) in Amsterdam. Initially, the factory focused only on repairing radiators, but in the 1930s NRF also opened its own production department. In 1954, the NRF opened a second production site for the production of radiators for export. In addition, the Dutch Railways (NS) also ordered the first high-capacity radiator (Blue Angel) for a train. That same year, the NRF introduced the first refrigeration radiator still widely used in the transportation sector. In 1962, Mill became the headquarters of the NRF. In the same year, DAF ordered 18,000 radiators for the DAF 55. At the time, NRF was also an OEM manufacturer for Volvo 300 and 400 series radiators.

In the early 1980s, the NRF opened its first overseas location in Valenciennes, France. In the following years, the NRF rapidly expanded its operations with new centers in Europe. In 1989, NRF became a subsidiary of American Modine Manufacturing Company. NRF became Modine’s head office for aftermarket products in Europe.

In 2010, NRF became a full member of Banco Products (I) Ltd. Thus, thanks to management, NRF has strengthened its global position with new factories and warehouses.

NRF, which has been constantly increasing its production capacity for almost 100 years and is one of the leading producers, now has a global export to 82 countries. NRF, a leading company in the auto parts market in South America and Africa, has a constantly expanding portfolio of more than 8,000 products. NRF has doubled its aftermarket volume in the last 4 years. To facilitate this growth, NRF is expanding warehouse capacity and investing in the supply chain.

With 19 strategic locations, more than 8,000 product ranges, global engineering, testing and development capabilities and export capacity to more than 80 countries, NRF’s official distributor in Azerbaijan has always been committed to quality, originality and reliability. is an Active Group company that customers like.