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JS Asakashi

JS Asakashi / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

JS Asakashi’s history began in 1994 as an engineering company. In the early years, a small research team developed a range of filtration products with innovative designs for leading manufacturing brands.

The first filtration product of its own production appeared in 2006. These were the cabin and the air filters. The company, which also began production of fuel injectors in 2007, sold only Japanese and Korean cars. JS Asakashi, which started the production of fuel and oil filters in 2009-2013 with constant innovation and innovative applications, has made the work of the filter service easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Finally, Asaka-Shi Research Lab, Inc. is controlled by.

JS Asakashi uses strong but flexible, high temperature and water resistant materials to produce filter bases.

The production of filters also uses a high-quality filter medium that combines density for proper air and oil filtration.

The JS Asakashi brand, which also manages to create an expanded filtration area for compact filters with the use of advanced tile arc and M-layer technology of the tile environment, guarantees every product it produces.

On a busy road, the air is 5 times more polluted than the air on the sidewalk: highly exhaust gases, pollutants and allergens are extremely harmful to the health of car owners and passengers. JS Asakashi’s improved JS O2CLEAN air purification system, which does its best to minimize the harmful effects of pollution on your health, allows you and your family to breathe fresh air while moving.

The company, which manufactures all types of filters for after-sales service for all car brands and models, has 39% of sales of all types of filters in the Japanese car parts market and 32% of all filter sales in the European car parts market. The company is constantly evolving and has a very important market share in the production of filters. The representative of real Japanese quality is Active Group, the official distributor of JS Asakashi in Azerbaijan.