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Dayco / Bakı, Azərbaycanda rəsmi distribütor

Dayco was founded in 1905 by Dayton Rubber Manufacturing Co. was established as. In the early years, natural rubber slank for the garden, etc. In 1908, the company hired John A. MacMillan and began producing airless tires. The company also produced the first tires in 1913. Beginning in the early 1920s, the company entered a period of diversified production, expanding the range of products. Dayco eventually produced many different rubber parts and some textiles. He was one of the pioneers of some synthetic rubber products, including the development of the first synthetic rubber tire. As a valuable supplier of military products during World War II, the company, which suffered less damage from the war, received its current official name in 1960 as DAYCO Corporation.

As a leader in the production of rubber car parts, especially the belt, Dayco is always aiming to be one step ahead of its competitors with innovations and technical innovations, and it is very successful. One of the greatest discoveries of modern times with the oil-belt system is the embodiment of Dayco’s constant research and leadership.

Dayco is a world leader in the research, design, production and distribution of rubber-based spare parts, belts and after-sales services for automobiles, trucks and industrial vehicles.

Dayco has also become a leading global system solution for hybrid electric vehicles, thanks to its experience in quiet and efficient power transmission. Dayco’s 100 years of experience enables it to be equipped with the most efficient driving systems in the world. Dayco’s world-class global distribution network serves the after-sales industry with a complete set and product offerings to meet the needs of every local market.

Active Group, the official partner of world leaders in Azerbaijan, is, of course, the official distributor of Dayco in our country. Reliable, high-quality, high-performance and powerful products offered to consumers in our partnership for many years have always led to the development of our relations. Active Group, which provides only genuine spare parts to the country’s auto parts market, is very pleased with this cooperation and is always proud to improve and move it forward.